Facts & Figures 


The Dunká is fished with two rods. The year average for the river is between 100 and 120 salmon. The average trout and arctic char results are not documented.

We are starting a smolt program which should help the river to improve the salmon catch up to 200 salmon next years.

We had made good experience about smolt program while we were renting the river Haukadalsá for more than 30 years.

The Dunká extends over 11 km whereupon only 4.5 km are traversable for salmon. The passable part of the river has 32 pools from sea up to waterfall "Hestfoss". Some of the pools have optimal conditions for fly-fishing and some other for the worm.

The bag limit are 3 Salmon per day/rod and maximum 10 salmon per week. 

The catch of trouts and arctic char are not limited at all.  facts